FarmVille 2 Facebook App Released By Zynga

FarmVille 2 Facebook App Released By Zynga
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After getting millions of online crop growers to become one of the biggest communities in the world, Zynga are finally releasing the long expected sequel – the FarmVille 2 Facebook App.

Zynga’s VP of Games said that the FarmVille 2 App includes much richer characters, new social features and a much greater experience than before. By ‘great experience’ he probably referred to the 3D graphics that Zynga have used for the very first time in their Facebook Apps.

The most noticeable enhanced game play feature is the option to collectively harvest or plant crops within a single swipe and click, unlike before where you had to tap each crop a few times to get it right. Seems like they are aiming for bigger and better in every way they can.

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The FarmVille 2 Facebook App’s main goal is to get Zynga’s current amount of online farmers to grow further while still maintaining their old farms from the previous App. To do so, they will still promote the original FarmVille Facebook App, as well as release new extensions to it, to avoid loss of interest that normally occurs when sequels are out.

Since it’s an endless type of game, we can’t really throw an high score contest on this one, but when Zynga releases a competitive iOS App, make sure you warm those fingers up real good.

(Picture credit: Zynga Inc)

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  • Strong Version

    thanks, ive waited for this sequel for about 4 months now

  • Red bottom!

    anyone gave it a try already? what will happen to my last farm from farmville 1 ?

  • thomas

    What is there to upgrade, the first farmville was just boring

  • Best Onliner Ever

    superbbbbbbbbbbbbbb sequel!

  • pomegranate

    Great blog post, farmville is my all time fav facebook game

  • Jerry

    what ever happened with the zynga lawsuit thing?

  • Norbert

    haha, i like ur tone of writing guys

  • Rim

    Fantastic goods from Zynga, again

  • Hermes

    Beautiful ..