uTest iPhone App To Support iOS 6

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Here at App Champ, we get a lot of Q&A queries regarding Apps that pay you simply for using them. Most of these Apps are quite basic: act as a hidden costumer, get from point A to point B – and you too could earn a few bucks, without being the greatest mind of your generation.

However, if you are a brilliant App tester (like us) and have a good eye for spotting minor bugs in websites or applications, then you must have been looking for something way more challenging and rewarding.

Launched as a desktop platform only late 2008, uTest has managed to become one of the biggest ongrowing communities of its niche (with a few major acquisitions and funds alongside). The concept is pretty simple: companies pay uTest to have their websites or Apps tested, and uTest pays thousands of testers to complete given tasks.

We have tried a few Bug testing platform, but found the uTest App (link) to make them all eat dust.


First of all, there’s the exam phase. If you want to be a tester, you can’t just sign up and start testing millions of dollars worth of Apps. The uTest guys have designed a clever trial project in which you are to prove your bug testing abilities.

Our repoter, for example, recieved a trial project of testing the NBA.com official website. He had to find 3 major bugs within the gigantic site, only to prove that he is worthy of uTesting!

Needless to say, he has done an awesone job and got accepted to the uTest community.

Up until late 2011, uTesters had to do their work infront of their laptops or PC due to uTest not going mobile.

But now the rules have changed thanks to the uTest all-free iOS App.

The iPhone and iPad Apps are very cozy and user-friendly. If the desktop platform requires you to follow 3-4 steps in order to submit a bug on your project, the iOS App obviously performs as a serious shortcut to do so.

For example, taking a desktop screenshot and submitting it could be quite messy. But the iOS App will let you simply take an iPhone screenshot and submit it straight through!

The uTest clients, who are usually major agencies with very little time, will find it just as comfortable to reject or approve the testers’ bugs when on the go.

The App has been updated just the other week to version 1.4. They have fixed a big amount of bugs, started supporting iPhone 5 and iOS 6, and enhanced the registration process.

Try the uTest platform and see if you could spot some awesome bugs and earn cash for it. Rate your experience with our AppChamp rating system below the post.

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  • proud utester
    24 Nov 2012

    hurra for ios 6 support!!!!

  • beta
    24 Nov 2012

    Is app testing free of charge?

  • Jennifer
    25 Nov 2012

    Whats the rate for finding a bug?

  • question
    25 Nov 2012

    i know a company thats been using them for years

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