Orbital App Uses Gravity To Pass Your Free Time

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Even though released last year, we decided to dedicate this review to the Orbital game App – simply because it has managed to stay relevant and pull through all of the recent iOS upgrades and improvements.

Let that be a lesson to all App developers out there, if you put your heart into your app’s user-experience and graphics, you too can survive the cruel test of time.

Playing Orbital, you will act as a space cannon firing orbs into colorful holes. The orbs you shoot should tackle obstacles, whether another orb or the edge of the screen, until they explode – and that’s when you gain a point. However, if the orb drops to where the cannon is, then it’s Game Over for you.


The App’s colors are cozy and the user-experience is very smooth. Better yet, the Orbital App allows you to play a multi-player game instead of just a singular one.

You could choose between 3 different modes, as each mode carries a slightly different gameplay: Gravity, Pure and Supernova modes. If your’e a social animal like us, then fear not – the App syncs with Facebook so you could easily impress that nice neighbor’s daughter by sharing your highest score with the public.

Orbital has been elected Game of the Year at 2011, and has been pre-installed on iPads for journalists to experiment the new device.

Apple does not pre-install crappy Apps on its new devices’ presentations, so that probably means a thing or two about this game’s high quality.

Try Orbital out via the App Store and rate your experience with the AppChamp rating system below the post.

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  • memsi
    27 Nov 2012

    i was so addicted on orbital back when app store was new !!

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