Recurse App Gets You On Your Feet

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Back in the 90′s we all got jiggy with it, but this year it’s time to get Recurse with it.

The unique party App is one of its kind, and after months and months of testing Apps with our fingers – it was about time to do so using our entire bodies.

That’s right, our bodies!

Playing Recurse, you are to move around the green areas on your iPad screen and avoid the red ones. For the first time ever, the game uses the iPad’s camera to scan your body movements, in a way that resembles only PlayStation Move or Nintendo WII.


We aren’t saying it’s easy to adjust to as it is with the PS Move, but once you get the hang of it you are bound to get addicted.

To play, simply place the iPad device on a table or any other stiff surface so it will keep balanced throughout the game. You should stand a short distance infront of your iPad, where you can see yourself making a fool of yourself.

The App consists of three modes. The Survival mode is a play-until-you-pass-out type of game, and Shuffle\Slide modes will require you to gain as much points possible within a given period of time.

Recruse was designed by Matt Parker, a one-man-show new media artist, with a nice bundle of Apps on his resume.

The game is full of energy and laughter – just imagine playing with your kids!

Download the Recurse App for 1.99$ (iTunes link) and rate your experience with the AppChamp rating system below the post.

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  • pitchy
    28 Nov 2012

    looks awesome!!!!

  • Jen
    28 Nov 2012


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