Rebuild Game App Sequel In Progress

Rebuild Game App Sequel In Progress
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Were you always a SimCity kind of person, but with a secret lust for darkness, zombies and apocalyptic manners?

If you answered ‘Dear mother of Christ, YES!’ then the Rebuild game App could be your natural choice for a way to spend time with.

After getting hooked on Apps that manage email marketing campaigns, farms and baseball teams, it’s time to get to the real deal.

Developed by one-woman-show Sarah Northway, the Rebuild App (link) is amazingly addictive. You will act as a group of brave citizens who survived a zombie apocalypse, with the sole goal of recovering man kind as a whole.


Rebuilding humanity isn’t an easy task as it may sound, not even in this App’s lightest difficulty level.

Your community should re-conquer city buildings in order to start life all over again, but the road is long: you will have to fight zombies, collect food, recruit crucial manpower to your tiny army and the list just doesn’t end.

An old fashioned App (or a much hated freebie) would probably involve a big group of humans doing everything at once, but Rebuild is a lot more sophisticated than that.

With time, you will get to learn each citizen’s quality and ability, and thus optimize your efforts by sending the right people on the right tasks.

The game keeps getting updated over and over with enhanced bug fixes such as graphics or content implementation, as well as neat features – like the cannibalism feature which was added last October.

Moreover, the App Champ staff has just learned that Rebuild’s sequel is under development in these very moments, and should target every App fan out there – whether iOS, desktop, mac or  Windows mobile users.

Try Rebuild out and rate your experience with the App Champ rating system below the post.

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(2) Comments

  • Easter
    01 Dec 2012

    This started off as a flash game back then right?

  • Sarah Northway
    03 Dec 2012

    Yes, you can play Rebuild in your browser at I added a bunch of extra content for the mobile version including a winter challenge mode where farms don’t produce any food.

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