Namerick Is A Name Memory App

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At first we thought this was a joke. Do people really need an App to assist them in remembering names?

But then the brilliancy of the Namerick App hit us.

Yes, we all do.

The new guy at work, the girl you met yesterday, your son’s annoying friend and even your sister-in-law. There are so many names to remember, and so little time.

Just ask Jeremy V. which is Namerick’s co-founder. According to him, Namerick was based on his personal need of trying to remember his girlfriend’s huge amount of family mates.




However, Namerick doesn’t settle for simply being your mobile left brain-cell, they aim at revolutionizing the way we network.

Their marketing efforts include the slogan ‘Become a better leader’, while referring to public figures such as Abe Lincoln and Bill clinton, who were known for their great name-remembering ability. Dale Carnegie once said that “Remembering a person’s name is the most important thing one could do to win them over”, and that’s just what Namerick is based on.

The App developers have done some serious homework on this one, with establishing Namerick upon authentic human brain studies.

Among its other nifty features and cozy interface, Namerick can also let you schedule notifications as for remembering dates or names. Talking about cushioning the blow!

Jeremy has told the App Champ staff that Namerick’s analytics show not less than 50% of active users use it on a daily basis, which pretty much reflects the fact that it really delivers the promised goods.

Try Namerick out (iTunes link) and rate your experience with the App Champ rating system below the post.

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  • Jen
    03 Dec 2012

    so cute!

  • bartholus
    03 Dec 2012

    how can it remind you names?

  • sirious black
    04 Dec 2012

    rest assure im off to download this thing

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