Sing! Karaoke App By Smule Socializes Shower Singing

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So we’ve been covering mostly new game Apps and mobile marketing platforms in the past month, that we forgot about finding an App that’s just plain fun.

And what would be a more natural pick than Smule’s latest release, Sing! App (iTunes download)?

Smule, which some say is the most successful musical App development firm of the past years, have launched several musical mega hits which have all reached tens of millions of users.

They have brilliantly identified an endless amount of potential users – and delivered just what those users were craving for. After all, everyone wants to sing, rock and play in front of others, and becoming a famous musician has become somewhat of an international dream.


Did you know that over 1 million wannabe singers have physically attented the X Factor’s 7 sessions of auditions?

The Sing! App now addresses those millions of future singers by forming an enormous social network to connect them.

The App has a very cozy interface and intuitive features that require no adjustment periods whatsoever. You could easily follow home-made singers and be followed by them. Heck – you could even enhance your vocals thanks to it.

What we mostly enjoyed was the fact that Sing! goes straight forward to the Social part.

The first thing you’ll glance at when unfolding the App is a globe pinned with Check-in like bubbles. Each one represents a Sing! user that you are more than welcomed to follow.

Much like with Meetups and LinkedIn groups, here you could decide if to join one or open a group of your own. A musical group, that is.

After choosing companions and a song to sing, the Sing! App directs you how and what you should sing. You will actually follow graphic indicators to lead you through the song, in a similar way to Guitar Hero.

So take a break from watching dreamers trying to make it via YouTube, and join them on Sing!

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  • dawny
    13 Dec 2012

    its so fun that its free!!!

  • karoline
    13 Dec 2012

    how do you join a group?

  • Brutos H
    13 Dec 2012

    thanks, is it iOS6 optimized?

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