IM+ Is Our Social Instant Messaging App

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In a world where WhatsApp seems to dominate the instant messaging arena, iOS users have almost forgotten the real pioneer of this niche: the IM+ App.

Launched exactly 10 years ago, Shape, IM+ developers, have put serious efforts into making our lives much more comfortable and to ease up human communications.

They have unleased Apps such as iDisplay, Checkin+ and Business Card Reader, and gathered quite a reputation among the iOS, Android and BlackBerry users.

IM+ is undoubtedly our fav App by Shape, and here’s why.


We all have tons of friends.

Not all of them are our soul mates, probably not even one. But we all know dozens of people who need to communicate with us on a daily basis.

Whether co-workers, fellow students, relatives and even people we don’t care about, the pressure of this decade forces us to always be available, and makes us curious about knowing what’s going on with everyone we know.

IM+ App shows you its list of supported platforms, and it takes a short sighted person to not be impressed.

Among the synchronized accounts, you will find ICQ, Gmail, Twitter, MSN, Jabber, Yahoo, Yandex, Skype and more.

Choosing each platform will prompt you for a username and passowrd – multiple accounts are supported. You could also edit specific account’s settings when on the go.

You can choose to filter contacts by social network, but our favorite option was seeing the entire set of contacts off of all the different accounts.

That way, you can have easy access to everyone that’s online throughout the entire social planet.

A new release by IM+ features a nifty geo-targeted messaging. The NEIGHBORS feature will let you connect with nearby IM+ users from anywhere in the world.

You can create or join group Chats and view all of your Chat session history via the App’s interface, but fear not – IM+ offers a highly encrypted protocol to keep our messages hidden from pesty mobile hackers.

It also allows you to click hyperlinks via an App built-in browser that is Safari supportive, instead of shifting away from your current screen to get to that desired site.

We really like IM+’s cozy user experience and intuitive navigation. The App’s design has been updated over and over and it really shows.

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  • imuser

    too bad there isnt skype in the freemium version..

  • Letterman

    thanks for update. whatsapp delivers the work but here you can get connected to your twitter, MSN skype etc.