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Rally Software Launches AgileZen iPad App

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Rally Software, The 11 year old Colorado based startup that has climbed to the top of the Agile ALM arena (Application Lifecycle Management), and has won the ‘Best Workplace in Colorado’ award several times, has just announced the launch of its newest iPad App.

Their philosophy includes automating manual processes, aligning development with strategy and an optimized transparency.

And that philosophy has brought them so far; they now serve around 150,000 users, and over 30 Fortune-100 companies.

Just the other week, Rally has announced the release of AgileZen, the App that brings its technologies to the iPad.


Under the slogan of ‘Get Work Done’, Rally uses the innovative Kanban concept to let Project Managers sync with their team and the other cloud-based Apps, all in order to optimize the entire project.

The iPad App was intended for iOS and requires at least iOS 6.

It acts as a tap-drag-drop board and lets every assigned user keep an eye on the project at a glance, and stay updated with any PM’s comments.

The ALM niche has been growing rapidly in the past years, as big startups are always on the seek for enhanced optimization for their processes, as each working hour equals tons of money.

Optimizing processes, and keeping the entire staff updated with the project’s status on the go is crucial for a successful product.

Maybe that’s why super-brands such as eBay, Playboy and Fender use Rally Software’s AgileZen in their procedures.

The App is a freebie at the App Store, and is intended to serve both new and existing AgileZen users.

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