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Valkyrie App Lets You Run For It

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Are you ready with your running shoes? Well, get ready to sprint with Bifrost Studios’ Valkyrie, who is the chosen one to take the souls of the fallen warriors to their final resting place in the hall of Valhalla.

Filled with cute visuals and multi-tiered levels, this is an addictive & fast run game. Your reflexes have to be quicker than your thoughts, running, collecting souls. Testing your skills while pushing your wits to the edge, speed and strategy is the main idea.

Valkyrie is in the first person perspective, giving it a new experience as compared to the older running games like in Temple Run, which were in the third person point of view.




Valkyrie is not entirely an endless runner game. It consists of two modes, namely levels and endless run. The controls, swipe up to jump and swipe down to glide are similar like previous games. Your turns are automatic hence no need to swipe left or right.

Though the concept within the game is not a new one, still it seems to impress me as it uses the concept in a 3D version. Playing with a first person perspective surely is a thumbs up from me.

You can estimate the right time to jump, to glide, turn on the colored lines, turn off the parapet, etc. though sadly enough the controls are less responsive.

The pathway in the game consists of several levels so you don’t die, just in case you missed your reflexes to jump. If you think you can complete the 10 stages on the level mode, try the endless run mode.

Here you are assessed and graded on how long you can be on the run; A random platform, testing you alertness and reflexes.

Valkyrie has an ancient and mystical visual display, interesting graphics and the lighting effects of dusk, night and day are worth a praise.

A lot of thought has been put in its rich, realistic sound effects and cinematic soundtrack. Though its a shame that a minor bug stops the soundtrack from playback if you repeat the game continuously.

So, what is my say on this game? For the value of $1.99 I think its a good bargain, though I really hope that Bifrost Studios takes care of the bug issues at the earliest. Else its Go Run Go all the way!


The Good: First person perspective, Interesting graphics, rich Cinematic soundtrack.

The Bad: Low response to screen taps.

The Cash: $1.99


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