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How To Block App Requests On Facebook?

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“If I see one more App request on Facebook, I’m gonna freak. How can I block them?”


Have you had it with app requests from Farmville to Candy Crush and beyond? Or are you a former addict trying to come clean from your time-sucking obsession? It’s OK – we’ll get through this together. There’s a button for that.

Head to your Facebook account settings page and click the ‘Blocking’ label on the left side menu. For those that haven’t visited here before, this is the place to manage all your blocks on Facebook, including friends, event invites and of course your app invites and apps.


Blocking Requests From Individual Friends:

If you have a few particular friends who keep sending you those pesky app requests for games you don’t play, type their names into the box labeled ‘Block invites from’ under the ‘Block app invites’ section.

Blocking Requests From Specific Apps:

If your issue is with a particular app itself, you can also block any info and further contact by certain apps under the ‘Block apps’ section. Simply type in the name of the app you’d like to prevent contact with, and voila, no more Sims requests ever!


P.S. Don’t worry – Facebook never tells anyone when you’ve blocked them, so don’t feel threatened that you’ll be outed when Grandpa just won’t leave you alone asking for Candy Crush lives!

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