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Why Is Angry Birds So Popular?

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“Never understood Angry Birds’ popularity. Why is that?”

Angry Birds – the stuff that app game addiction was born out of.

Virtually murdering pigs by slinging rocks and birds Kamikaze-style became an international sensation after it was first released as an iOS app in 2009. Apparently, revenge has never been sweeter than stealing back precious eggs from those dirty, gluttonous pigs because it’s the #1 paid app of all time. It’s been knocked down from #1 in app stores, but Angry Birds continues to be a global obsession. So why is Angry Birds the gift that keeps on giving?

In short, Angry Birds became so popular because of its simplicity, quirky and fun concept and design, and low cost. Anybody and their mom can learn to play the game in just a few minutes – and they did. Without much text, with bright colors and graphic characters, and without the game requiring much actual skill or too much deep thinking, kids especially love the game.

The satisfaction that comes out of beating a level, especially when done well, is also part of what makes the game so addicting and popular. The fairly short levels designed with one objective – kill the pigs by whatever means necessary – create an exciting game environment with instant gratification around each corner. And plus, competing with friends always makes an app more addicting.

Rovio, the game’s developers, have released various franchise updates and upgrades to the game since its launch, adding tons of new features and plot-lines for players to rage through. Several special editions were also released, including holiday specials like ‘Ham’o’ween’, ‘Wreck the Halls’, and ‘Hogs and Kisses’. The new games have kept the game’s momentum up in app stores around the world, contributing to the games lasting success and popularity.

To this day, over 4 years after its initial release, Angry Birds is still #42 on the iTunes Top Paid Apps chart while an Angry Birds Star Wars themed game is #33 and Angry Birds Space is #84. Angry Birds merchandise like plush toys, t-shirts, pillows and more are available in kitsch shops around the world. This fad has not yet died, whether you like it or not!

Thousands of other apps have tried and failed to replicate the games virality, but Angry Birds has staid its ground, and I predict will continue to until Candy Crush finally takes over for good.

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