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SurveyToGo – Mobile Market Research App Review

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Dooblo’s SurveyToGo is the perfect example of an app that goes beyond what apps have been come to be known for, gaming. The app gets down to business in the area of market research surveys and leverages the use of mobile devices such as the tablet to accomplish the things that only a short while ago, were unattainable.

The app empowers organizations to fully move beyond the hassle that personal interviewing once presented by literally putting the power in their hands, with a tablet. Now, data is available to companies as well as their customers in real time, and that data can be used as the basis for business decisions. The user interface is highly intuitive and the features are readily available via easily accessible menus. Creating a survey is super easy and the app itself guides you through the entire process with a variety of question types, no matter if the survey is simple or complex. The app is fluid and smart, utilizing built-in logic to customize questions based on past answers.

The company’s vision extended beyond the developed world in that it saw the need for such a solution in developing countries who aren’t connected yet, or where the Internet connection is spotty, and created an offline functionality. SurveyToGo allows users to deploy complex surveys in the field that include images, videos to a mass of tablet devices in the field, regardless of Internet connectivity. The data capture solution includes the functionality to include images and videos.

One of the things that helps greatly is a cohesive project management dashboard that allows project managers to be fully aware and connected of all the projects that are finalized, whether they be active or rearing to go. Information such as quotas, interviewer location allows for maximized data accuracy and up to the minute responses.
Absolutely no cost to set up. No added technology or server costs. Total cost of ownership is just what you pay to use as you go.

There aren’t any contracts to sign or any minimum or maximum usage costs. Users only need to pay for the interviews they generate. Once you stop using SurveyToGo, you stop paying. No hidden costs and the payment model is very attractive. You only pay for interviews that are completed. It doesn’t get better than this.

While many subscription-based software solutions charge per user, SurveyToGo is a service that once you pay, that’s it. You don’t need to pay for additional users. Even better, the $1210 interview price gets you 6,000 interviews, regardless of the number of users, surveys or additional devices you have.

Additionally, there is no need to pay for any additional licenses. The service is hosted offsite, so just sign up and you’re ready to go with your first 50 interviews FREE.

The payment options span the spectrum and include the major credit cards (Visa, Amex, MC). If you prefer wiring payment, contact SurveyToGo. The service unfortunately does not accept PayPal.

It’s everything you wanted in a survey app and much more. Dooblo SurveyToGo applies much research when creating the SurveyToGo app and leaves no stone unturned as the app features:

• GPS Location Tracking
• QR Codes within surveys
• Cutting edge security
• Bar code capture
• Online and offline survey capabilities
• Incorporating images, video and sound
• Multiple language support

Supports: Android, Windows Mobile, Windows XP/Vista/7

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