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Blinq – Don’t Miss What’s Iportant

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Blinq is a free mobile app that enriches your mobile messaging experience by displaying the latest – and most important – social media updates. It works within your favorite messaging apps and appears as a simple white dot in the upper right hand corner of your smart device. By simply tapping the dot, you can instantly view the most recent and relevant social media updates from your colleagues, business prospects, friends and family members – no more toggling between multiple sites and platforms!

The small Blinq dot only appears when there is new information to view, eliminating the redundancy of reading old updates. By tapping the dot, curated content from Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram will appear in a single stream to deliver instant conversation starters and make your messages more personalized and relevant.

We are in the midst of an information overload with too many social networks to follow and FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) recognized as a disorder of a generation. Blinq was developed under the fundamentals of creating an enriched messaging experience, saving users the time and the frustration in obtaining social updates, making social media more efficient and allowing consumers to be ‘in the know.’ A single tap and Blinq opens the door to a stream of insights and updates on those who matter to you. Blinq is making messaging more productive and fun, saving precious time. Blinq’s mission is to create a person-centric, personal social experience, delivering the information you want, when and where you want it.


Don’t miss out again. With one tap, Blinq lets you know what’s happening with the people who matter most.


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