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Ever wondered who stands behind our tailor-made App News & Reviews?


(Jove, Alex, Roy, Aimee, Merav and Sarah)


Our Belief

Thousands of new Apps are released each month, serving millions of Apple, Google and Microsoft users.

You are one of those users…
And you are confused.


What Are We?

Welcome to App Champ, the only online Magazine where App fans, developers and experts act as one happy Community – and use that power to objectively rate the best Apps out there.

Our staff goes through the billions of mobile Apps out there, only to come back with fascinating pieces about the Best of the Best Apps!

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What Are ChamPoints?

Each App is rated using our famous ChamPoints scoring system.

The App’s total amount of ChamPoints is based on a secret formula that was heavily programmed by our experts, but among the ingredients you can find the App Review’s shares on the different social networks, and our backstage AppChamp Score which is based on a variety of factors.

Oh no, we’ve already said too much…



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Though our pieces are 100% honest and objective, we do offer Banners and Homepage-Sticky Reviews.

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Apps Questions & Answers

The App Champ staff is also very active within our Q&A section, where we answer dozens of life-changing App questions, like how to change the App Story country or How To Save your iPhone Battery Life. If you want to hear about Growth Hacking and Online Marketing tactics, then we love the Ranky blog.



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