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Developed By: Sam Andrews

AxSpy is The Most Advanced, Most Affordable Android Spy Software For Parents & Employers which works well with ALL Android models and runs in complete stealth mode.
eLt's say you're trying to find out what someone you care about, your child or employee has been up to. You find it frustrating because the person seems to be hiding something from you.

So, out of concern, you decide to install AxSpy on their phone. You can't help but find the installation so easy & quick because it's done in less than 5 minutes, and the program starts running completely undetectable by the user.

You log into your online AxSpy secure account and there, to your amazement, you find yourself viewing and monitoring all real time activities of the cell phone - Everything from call recording, SMS tracking, GPS Location tracking, to pictures or videos captured on the phone remotely.
At last! You feel a tremendous sense of relief because you've now got the most powerful monitoring features you'll ever need in an app to find out everything a person is saying and doing behind your back.

Why Choose AxSpy

• AxSpy is the most advanced Android phone monitoring software which hosts more unique features than any other software available
• Quick & easy setup
• Monitors all LIVE phone activities 24/7
• Compatible with ALL Android phones
• Once installed, you can monitor the activities of the phone from any computer, anytime from anywhere in the world
• Have peace of mind with AxSpy's complete invisibility feature
• Our customers love AxSpy because we provide the latest features and updates to give them the advantage they need in finding out the truth
• Simply view all recorded phone activities from your secure AxSpy online account
• Most affordable Android phone spy software available
• Take LIVE pictures & videos remotely
• Unlimited support from our friendly customer support team

How it works:
The operation of the software is very simple.
Simply install the software axtarget on the phone you want to monitor.
It secretly record the data and transmit to your account axSpy.

1. After installing axSpy, the entire phone data is uploaded onto our servers. It takes approximately 30 minutes for the first time. After that, any new data update is uploaded in real time.

2. Your entire settings and preferences, along with the target phone’s data is saved on the axSpy Server. It gathers all the data from the target phone and uploads it as soon as any new phone activity takes place.

3. All the monitoring data, with logs and details, can be accessed any time my logging into member area.

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