penguinstoretile-120x120 Reiner Knizia’s Penguin [Windows Phone]

Developed By: OSO Systems

A game for 2 to 6 players based on a card game designed by a famous board and card game designer Reiner Knizia.
Try to get as many of your colored penguins to the iceberg as possible.

On your turn you play one of your colored penguins to build up the iceberg. If the bottom row contains fewer than eight penguins (seven in a 2-player game), a new penguin can be placed in the bottom row to the left or to the right of the penguins that are already there.

A penguin may be played in a higher row over two adjacent penguins if at least one of the penguins below is of the same color as the newly played penguin.

If it is your turn and you are unable to play a penguin, you are eliminated from the current round and receive as many penalty points as you have penguins left. The round continues until all players are eliminated or get rid of all their penguins. Players who succeed in playing all their penguins may get rid of two of their penalty points from earlier rounds.

The game lasts as many rounds as there are players with the starting player changing each round. The player with the smallest number of penalty points at the end is the winner.


You can:
• select a game variant (4 or 5 colors)
• select the number of players (2 to 6)
• play against AI or other human players on the same device
• win achievements

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